Friday, November 21, 2008

Autobiographical Burgery and Such

If you were here over the last couple of days and saw some of my attempts at writing purposive, deliberate fiction, you know why I don't like to share my rough work early, if ever. It's lacking in several fundamental ways and it takes me a very long time to make it right, the way I want to see it. So, I've once again decided to pull off the most recent pieces and rework them, publishing them later in another place that won't conflict with and compare unfavorably to the drivel I typically post on here. If you're really interested in reading them, let me know and give me an email address and I'll see to it that you are among the first to know when I consider what I've written to be worthy of any audience. My email address: kneeblood AT

Next week is Thanksgiving and we have no idea what we're going to do, aside from work the first three days. A local restauranteur with Mediterranean roots sent me an email, encouraging me to have turkey with a distinct flare at his place. We may do that, or we may wander the countryside in search of something tasty.

We probably won't stay home because the kitchen faucet revealed yesterday that it has been leaking for a very long time and has ruined the fibreboard base of the cabinet under the sink, soaking everything we store there. I'll spend at least part of the holiday ripping out cabinetry and hoping it can be replaced and repaired by someone more skilled than I. And, of course, we'll need a new faucet and, while we're at it, should get a new sink. We may go overboard and get new countertops while we're at it, but I'm afraid the cost may dissuade me from doing that.

In the meantime, of course, there will be little use of the kitchen, so we'll depend on Chinese delivery (last night), frozen pizza, carry-out Indian, visits to a favorite Thai place, a visit to a burger joint or two, and other such expensive options.

There's more to tell, but no more energy to tell it. Later I'll regale readers with more, possibly even more interesting, information.


bee said...

go on, now, you deserve the new countertops. there are some not-so -expensive, but great-looking and functioning alternatives to granite.

Indian Food Rocks said...

Checkout what Costco has to offer on granite countertops. If you're not a member, it might be worth the membership fees to get the Costco discount. They did a fine job in my neighbor's kitchen.

A spiced faux-tandoori turkey breast is what I used to make for Thanksgiving. Now I ply my neighbor with lots of goodies and so she invites us over for the feast. :-D She's rather sad this year as her kids won't be home and could do with the company. So now I don't cook for Thanksgiving anymore.