Monday, November 21, 2011


I think I understand how people can, under pressure, become terrorists. They feel trapped and unable to control their own destinies. People and/or institutions around them behave badly and abuse them and others. Call it capitalism, self-absorption, or whatever you will, but being surrounded by intense and uncaring greed seems to set alight the fire under the pressure cooker. The only outlets are explosive eruptions, unless the perpetrators of binge-greed quickly back off. But they don't. Hence terrorism.

It may be different in different contexts. But I think I understand it to a great extent. Explosive rage let loose in unproductive ways. I believe I know it. I believe I've seen it. I believe I feel it.

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Taradharma said...

not so hard to imagine when you see the living conditions people are forced to live in around the world. And as I see our economy getting worse, and more people in need, I also see petty theft going up (and let's not forget the white collar thefts). Throw in under-education and substance abuse, you got it.