Sunday, September 25, 2011


I'm toying with the idea of allowing Facebook to languish in its thirst for useless change while I return to blogging more frequently. My comments won't be seen by as many people, but I suspect most people who see my comments now don't find them particularly enlightening or interesting. I can be boring right here on Blogger.

It's not that I can't adapt to change. I can and I do and I really welcome change. But when change appears to be made for its own sake and, in the process, reduces the utility and attractiveness of a product, I rebel. Maybe I'll get over it. Maybe not. In the overall scheme of things, my reaction to Facebook isn't all that important. But we'll see whether it's important enough to me to let Facebook go on its merry way without my regular presence.


Taradharma said...

I'm still on the may change and of course it is doing so. But I still don't know of any alternative that is viable in terms of the social interaction.

We'll see. I have fb friends that I don't necessarily want to read my's a little more personal.

Robin was going to switch over to Google until the HuffPost headline today.

WHere are we supposed to go?

bev said...

To be quite frank, I am not much of a fb fan. I dn't really find it too satisfying for interacting. Just a lot of one-liners and likes. I've always preferred visiting blogs where the author responded and some dialogue would ensue over a few days. To me, that can get pretty interesting. I had already tried Google+ a month or more ago and wasn't too jazzed, but possibly because so few that I knew were on there at the time. One venue that I have always liked is a listserve. For example, I belong to nature listsbfrom both Ontario and Nova Scotia. Some great discussions can get going on those. They are just email based, so you don't even have to bother using your browser. The only problem with them is that they are usually interestdeiven - such as the nature lists. However, there is absolutely no reason that a bunch of friends couldn't just starta list for the purpose of keeping in touch and discussing just aboit any topic. Most listserves allow you to configure for a digest once a day or less frequently if you don't want to receive individual emails.
Anyhow, once I get settled down for the winter again, I may go back to more frequent blogging. There are people who read my blog who don't or won't join fb, and I never wanted to abandon them. It would just be a return, I guess. I wonder if all this pushing around by fb and Google+ will end up creating such a backlash that people will return to blogging listserves?

jo(e) said...

Facebook drives me crazy. I use it like a big address book -- handy if I need to send someone a message -- but otherwise ignore it.