Monday, May 23, 2011


If there's anything about the Buddhist philosophy with which I am at odds, it's the suggestion that one MUST live in the now. I think memories...the an extraordinarily important part in our lives. They can shape the present and they can shape the future. Remembering things that once were unimportant can trigger the realization that those "unimportant" byproducts of daily life were, indeed, deeply important.

My memories of my early years have never been very clear, nor have I had many of them. Somehow, my years from 5-20 seems to have almost disappeared from my mind. But those occasional glimpses into what life was like for me when I was younger can bring back a flood of emotions. There's more to memory than recollection. Memory is the framework upon which our lives are constructed.


Tara Rinaldi said...

Dear one, you misinterpret the "be here now" philosophy of the Buddhists, if you think it is intended to banish memories.

It is a call to be present, to experience the moment in all its fullness, to still the mind as our thoughts race around in a seemingly endless ricochet in our heads.

Your memories are lovely and important. Cherish them.

Springer Kneeblood said...

Tara, I know you're right. Thank you.

YourFireAnt said...

Hey, Springer. Being in the present just means being in the present. Noticing what is there around you. Not forgetting everything you ever knew.

Now, come to N.Y. and be in the moment for a week t his June. It'll give you some good memories.