Sunday, May 22, 2011

Heatlh Insurance: Make it Burn!

It occurs to me; we bitch and moan about health insurance companies taking us to the cleaners and refusing to provide the "services" they are supposed to provide at fees that are remotely close to reasonable. Have we ever, collectively, decided to tell them to fuck off?! It's time we did that. Every company, and individual, in the USA should simply say, "enough!" Put aside as much as you ever paid to them into a pool that will provide health care to people who need it...people who join the pool with you. Illegal? Bullshit! Let the government show up and try to take it away while we scream bloody murder to the television cameras!

I'm so utterly, completely, irrevocably pissed off at the greedy bastards who run healthcare and the insurance industry in this country I could SCREAM! It's time we stop complaining and DO SOMETHING! The assholes feel it in their pocketbooks. Make it burn, people. Make it burn!


bev said...

I've often wondered if people could actually form slush funds that could be used to eliminae various kinds of insurance. i think back to a situation where a group of salesmen who all drove demo cars from a dealership, formed a slush fund to cover the very high deductible onth company's insurance. They each paid so much a pay into the fund until it was up to the amount needed to fill the fund, then stpped and didn't pay again until there was an accident ad the slush fund required topping up. Seemed to work. Surely there is some way to create a working model of a simila fund for various types of expensive insurance. After all, how many times does a house burn down, etc...? If you are operating the fund for coverage without trying to turn it into a moneymaking scheme for sareholders, surely it would function, no? Especially if a bunch of these were formed across a nation and had some kind of built-in plan for dealing with catastrophc claims tat might occur tone group - a tornado, flood, etc... I believe the a similar modl could be developed to deal with catastrophic healh csts too.

YourFireAnt said...

John, this is how our group plan works here at SU. It costs pennies. Get yourself an academic job.


Sondra said...

I think someone already this and its called Insurance!! Thats what it is--we all send out money to them and they DONT send it BACK..simple-
Well I have not had insurance the majority of my life, I have had no choice--the few times I worked for companies I never stayed long enough to qualify for insurance--but the HMO I had when I lived in NYC ws the best deal I found so I did hav it for 3 yrs there used it for one Cat Scan..that was it--
I have car insurance because I have to have it--I pay home owners insurance because I have to have it--BUT me NADA--I self medicate and knock on wood a LOT!

Phil said...

There's some quasi-religious group that operates something akin to what you're suggesting. I'll look it up...I think this is it.

After a certain point, your state will deem you an insurance company and you'll have to meet the coverage and capital requirements that everyone else does, I believe. I also believe this is a good thing.

Yeah, that "2 or more employee" thing to qualify for group treatment chaps my ass - I only have the one employee, and he's an old crock with an old wife, and the premiums are gruesome.

The fucking finish line used to be medicare, but we're likely to get Boehnered out of it.