Monday, December 13, 2010

No Maybes

I have decided there are some aspects of Facebook I truly loathe. For example, getting repeated invitations, from the same person, to play Zoo World. Or being inundated with requests for Jewelry Glitz or something of the sort. I am not a big game player. I am especially not a big player of online games with people I barely know (or do not know at all, except for Facebook).

And then there's the fact that all my "friends" on Facebook apparently can see when I'm online. And they can decide to chat with me. I like chatting with friends. Or family. Or acquaintances. But I do not enjoy chatting with strangers who desire to engage me in mindless discussions about online games or nighttime soap operas.

I'm being nasty and antisocial. And it's not the season for nastiness and antisocial behavior. If people would tip their hat and say "evening" as we drift by, it would be fine. But some folks want to engage in mindless banter as if we were good friends. I know, they may be lonely. I'm that way sometimes. But I am conscious, I think, that people may not want to be cornered into lengthy "chats" about my state of mind.

OK. I've vented a bit. I'll try to go back to being my nice, indulgent, friendly self. Maybe I need to work on that. No. Not maybe.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Well, jeez, Mr. Popular! The only time *I* ever "chat" with someone is when we're both loaded.

You can just turn off those games and all references to them -- that's what I do.


YourFireAnt said...

Call me up. I want some mindless banter with you.