Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Computationism as Religious Experience

My business bought me a new computer yesterday. That is, I bought a new computer for myself. I own the business, so I can do those sorts of things on occasion (on those occasions when we have the money which, I am sad to say, is not often). I await it with bated breath. It should be delivered to my office within a week or so.

Computers have a way of wearing out, fast, in my office. I don't understand it. I buy decent stuff, but within 2 years, it's like the machine has been "rode hard and put away wet." Of course, the ones I buy, personally, seem to do the same. Maybe it's just me. I tend to use them to the extreme, constantly switching between multiple programs and creating and modifying and saving literally hundreds of files, of one kind or another, every day.

Anyway, this time I bought a computer with a nice-sized monitor, a 23-incher that I hope will enable me to actually see words and symbols on the screen. There is a distinct possibility that I will latch onto this new computer for my home office, where I do a lot of my work. At the moment, I use my laptop, which is showing signs of compuzeimers, exacerbated by criminal tendencies and hatred of its master. A nice big monitor and a desktop computer could spoil me. I enjoy being spoiled, though that is a rare occurence.

The nice thing about a new computer is the fact that it's not yet old. I know, I know, but it makes perfectly good sense if you think about it without letting yourself get too hung up on logic and intellect.


YourFireAnt said...

The only way to think, my dear. "...without getting too hung up on logic and intellect."


Pensionado said...

Well, I am afraid if I resuscitate my old blog I might free associate on the joys of new techie toys.

I have noticed that I spend as much on little-used software after getting a new digibox as the damned thing cost.