Monday, July 18, 2011


Well, what do you think about this?


bev said...

Well, you already know what I think of the video. Can I address the "worried" post and say just a couple of things - I know you wrote that it was just for yourseld. Being worried is okay. that will come and go. The main thing is not to let yourself be paralyzed by worry. From what I cN deduce, you're a highly motivated person and probably can't handle boredom and inactivity, so you'll probably begin reinventing your next life the moment you close up shop - if not before.
There are three big prizes in life. Health, happiness and time. When I comment on just about any topic, I'm writing as a person who knows that those three prizes can be taken away in a moment. Money can too, but it is something you can usually replace with a new job, a new biz, by selling stuff.or whatever. Unfortunately, the three prizes are more difficult to replace, and in fact, impossible once you are dead. We had it all three years ago. Money and a fully paid for house. Look at where things are at now? If wishes were horses, Don and I would have ridden off into the sunset a decade ago. Now I live in the shadow of what might have been. Anyhow, I have a feeling you will do just fine - take a break, rest, rebuild, stretch your legs, eyes, and you imagination - and have some fun.

Taradharma said...

I watched your video with Robin -- you are either crazy (you know this) or incredibly brave. Perhaps both.

You must do this thing -- it is calling to you and cannot be ignored. What I love is that you AND your wife are taking this adventure together, as a team, 'on the same page.' This is a rare and wonderful thing -- usually one partner feels they must leave the other to accomplish this sort of thing. Blessings to you both!

I am looking forward to reading what life brings your way -- and I have a strong feeling you and the Mrs. will be very engaged and busy despite closing down the business.