Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lust for Australia

I stumbled upon a blog today that I have added to my blogroll and shall visit with some regularity, I think. It's called Though small it is tasty. The person who writes it (Meg, I believe) has a the same adventurous spirit about food that I have...I like that in a human. That fact that the writer lives in Brisbane (I think) makes it that much more intriguing. I visited Brisbane once long, long ago...about 1995, I think. I loved it. I want to go back.

Another blogger who has since moved back "home" to the Netherlands from a brief (2 years or so) stint in Australia used to write about her life in Australia (on the other Adelaide). After reading her blog, viewing her photos, and getting wrapped up in her life there, I was ready to move...or at least make a trip. I suspect, after having read bits of Though small it is tasty, I may develop that same lust for Australia again. This time, though, I may be in a position to actually do something about it within the next few months. Of course, I'll have to sell my soul do to it, which probably won't bring much...I may have to take a freighter to make the crossing. Because a former staff member lives in Sydney now, I may be able to find someone there, too, to at least help find cheap hotels or direct us to an elder-hostel.

Ah, well, I best not make expensive plans just yet. I have to first get used to abject poverty.


Taradharma said...

I have recently reconnected with a former high school chum who has been living in New South Wales for 16 years. She is currently visiting the states (California) and I am fascinated by her accounts of Australia.

I, too, would love to travel there one day. They apparently have a great state welfare system and health care. There's a motivation to move there if there ever was one.

They are currently wrestling with the huge immigration of boat people from all over southeast asia, though, and it is causing a national debate. They have a multiparty system, which appeals to me greatly.

bev said...

John, why don't you join the couchsurfing site and consider doing at least a little of that. There is quite a large group of people in our age group in Europe, the America, Australia, NZ and many more countries. There are discussion forums where people can plan trips. Some people never travel, but love to host others. Some are the reverse. I just had a 64 year old Swedish couchsurfer here for 3 nights and it was quite fun. Last year, I had the 26 year old fellow from France. If I was suffering from serious wanderlust, I would travel the world that way. Btw, many hosts ave accommodations for couples, so ths is pretty easy stuff to arrange. The way the site works is quite good from the point of view of safety, and also figuring out if you and a host or surfer will get along fairly well. IMO, leave your fears and cares behind and just get out there living. Oh, and there is also HelpX and WWOOFing if you would like to go somewhere, have a plce to stay, but als do some helping out. If you want to know more about any of this stuff, just drop me a line on FB.

bev said...

Oh, forgot to mention that my Swedish visitor has traveled almost everwhere in the world as a couchsurfer and also working as a WWOOFer for room and board. He tripped around In Australia for a very extended period of time and is planning on returning in the not-too-distant future as he had such a good time. If I didn't have my two dogs as travel companions, I would be traveling the world this way in a heartbeat.

Springer Kneeblood said...

Tara and Bev, I think you two are conspiring to get me out of the country! It won't take much more convincing! Bev, I will get in touch re: the couchsurfing angle. It appeals to me...the next trick is to convince my wife. I may have to leave her here! 8=)

bev said...

John - I think that, if you and your wife planned the trip tgether, and went through the couchsurfer profiles looking for people and places that suit both of you, she would soon get into the spirit ofbthebwhole thing. The two of you could be out there having fun. I have friends who - when they were about 60, spent backpacking around the world. They had a great time. At one point, they actually ended up running a little hotel in somewhere like Togo or Borneo, for a couple who just eanted a break for a couple of weeks. Anyhow, there are lots of ways to travel inexpensively - so you can stay for an extended time and really get to know a place and its people. It just requires letting go of conventional ideas about staying in hotels and eating in restaurants. I have a feeling that you would make a pretty good couchsurfer. (-: