Thursday, June 10, 2010


Saturday, I am getting together with a good "chunk" of my family to celebrate a brother's birthday and otherwise enjoy the company of people I love. I wish more of us could be there, but life and commitments and work and money conspire to make it tough. But I'm looking forward to seeing my oldest brother and his wife, my next brother (birthday boy), my next brother, my niece (daughter of birthday boy) and her husband, and my nephew (oldest son of oldest brother). I wish I could see birthday boy's son and his wife and my nephew's girlfriend and my oldest brother's youngest son and my oldest brother's wife's chi'ren and their spouses and young-uns, etc., and my wife's sister (and live-in sinner) and brother, but, again, there's a conspiracy of separation that makes it impossible.

Next year, birthday boy has a major birthday and my sister and my wife also have milestone birthdays in the same month. So, I'm going to try to convince the whole famn damily to make plans for a major celebration and get-together next year.

We lost my sister this year and reality says there are not too many more years left for the older of us in this remaining group. We have to make plans to all get together. If it's important enough, we'll make it happen.

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