Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Story, In Part

I'm back in Dallas, after a brief jaunt to Houston for a client board meeting on Friday and Saturday.

I'd planned on driving part-way on Thursday afternoon so I could spend an evening with a brother 3/4 of the way down, then finish the trip on Friday morning for a 1:30 pm meeting start. But, my workload was sufficiently overwhelming on Thursday that I didn't leave my office until after 6:00 pm and was unwilling to cope with driving south in or about the commute the dark. So, I headed out around 6:00 am on Friday and went straight to the meeting.

The two half-day meetings were routine and basically uneventful. That's a good thing.

After the Saturday meeting, I allowed myself to be put in the position of driving some meeting participants to Houston Hobby airport, which was far out of my way. That little jaunt reacquainted me with the horror that is Houston traffic. A 15-minute drive took closer to 45 minutes, then the drive into town to visit my sister briefly was another 30 minutes or so. Houston needs to clear out 60 percent of its population and leave the roads alone; they would then suffice.

After a brief visit with my sister, I headed north to Falba, where my brother and his friend gave me a brief tour of an under-construction 5000 square foot metal building which houses a 2500 square foot house on one side and a 2500 square foot workshop on the other. Above the house is 2500 square feet of attic storage space. Aside from a stone facade and wood doors on one end of the building, the big metal structure doesn't look like much, but the house is going to be a very, very nice home with the benefit of being adjacent to a structure where the owners (other soon-to-be neighbors) can keep their vehicles, tractors, tools, workshop equipment, etc., etc., etc. I like it. I want it.

My brother made spaghetti for dinner after our home tour...lots of sauce, combined with ground beef and a large package of Jimmy Dean bulk hot sausage. I gorged myself. It was fantastic.

He had just bought a 4-drawer file cabinet that was stuffed with Pendaflex folders and he offered to let me have as many as I might want, which was plenty. However, I left this morning (about 6:00 am) without remembering to take a bunch of them...and without remembering to take a CD some friends had given him. The idea was that I would copy the CD and return it to him; the CD is music by a friend of his who's been involved in an 11-year world tour on a green and blue double-decker London bus.

My trip home was uneventful and free of pesky things like speeding tickets which could have reasonably been given to me were there law officers on the prowl for speeders along the route. I needed to get home to be able to meet the DirecTV installer, who's supposed to come today to properly hook up the satellite dish so that our DirecTV receivers, as well as our DVD players, work. The first try, over a week ago, resulted in good satellite reception but I discovered, only after the guy left, that the DVD players were not installed. And when I tried to figure out how to repair the incorrect installation, I realized I was not meant to be an installer. So I called.

Aside from everything else that has happened in my life since I last reported in here, this is my story in part.


Nicole said...

I got a speeding ticket the other day. 58kmph in a 50 zone. The stupid thing is that I have thought for years that it was a 60 zone. I'm surprised I haven't been getting tickets weekly!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

And quite a story it is.

Crazy, how Houston can make Dallas seem small.